Tech-Ed NZ


Tech-Ed was fantastic this year.I gave two talks and really enjoyed them.  They were back to back over lunch on Thursday so it was nice to get them both out of the way together.

Thanks to everyone who attended the sessions.  The slides are up on the Tech-Ed site.

For anyone that is thinking about speaking at Tech-Ed or any other technical event here are a few tips that I found useful.

  • When you attend others presentations, rather than focus on the content only, watch how they present.  It’s amazing how many different styles there are and how effective they can be.  I learned a lot from other peoples sessions and tried to incorporate some techniques into my own talks.  This is something that I will spend more time when I watch some of the recorded sessions.
  • Pick a topic that you are passionate about.  You can deliver a lot of content in one hour, make sure that it is exciting to you, or your audience definitely won’t be excited!
  • Demos rock – People like to see live demos and they like to see them succeed.

This year attendees provided online feedback that was instantly available to speakers – nail biting stuff…

I hope to get the opportunity to speak again next year!


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