Another Professional Scrum Master course wraps up in Malaysia

I am sitting in my hotel in Malaysia after finishing another PSM course with a great bunch of students in Kuala Lumpur.
I am always surprised at the level of interest and passion that the training invokes in students.  We had a great two days with lots of laughs.  I will always remember the ‘2 week sprint’ – sorry private joke I’m afraid – but you know who you are!
I have heard people say that the Asian culture is not suited to working with Scrum.  I completely disagree.  I have found that people embrace the Scrum concepts entirely and find no cultural barriers at all.
One of the things that the students here tell me they like most about the courses is the fact that they use the same content worldwide.  So whether you sit a PSM class in London or Malaysia the course content is the same.  Different instructors will bring different experiences to the course, but the material remains consistent.  The feedback often cites this as a key reason behind choosing this course.
Well time to fly home soon.  If you are based in Malaysia and would like Scrum training then I have a new public course scheduled in May – details here:-
PSM Malaysia

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