Are you an Agile BA / Tester / Developer / Bottle Washer?


Many people who are working at a company starting out with an agile implementation have a natural question.

What does this mean for me?  What is my place on the team?  I am a BA / Tester / Developer / <Insert your title here> – how does this change my role?

Lets start out with the basics.  You are part of a team.  That team is tasked with turning feature requests into potentially shippable increments of product.  Period.  Your role?  Help the team achieve that goal however you can.

It dismays me to see the agile training and consulting industry (of which I am a part) praying on these natural concerns and promoting Agile <Your job title here> courses.  Scrum is a team sport.  You don’t get to be agile on your own or just within your discipline of speciality.  These courses are divisive, plain and simple.  They feed on people’s uncertainties.

I had hoped that these courses would die a natural death but it doesn’t seem to be happening.

So does nothing change for these roles?  Of course not.  There are key skills  that the team needs to understand to maximize changes of success.  They might be Story Mapping, BDD, ATDD etc etc.  But if you send one group of people away on one of these courses how are they going to bring those skills back to the team?

Does BDD involve only the developers?  Only the testers?  No it impacts everyone.

So teach your team the skills they need.  Don’t teach Analysts to be Agile on a course and Testers to be Agile on another course.  Teach your team together.  Funnily enough they work together.

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